Hi! Do you remember how you got the 💎idea and want to make it but don’t know how to approach it?

In this series of articles, I will share the whole process of it.

Let’s start with Part 1, what we have for today:

What was your plan for 2020? Become richer, healthier, smarter, or maybe find love?

Let’s dive into my experiment of 2020,
where it’s brought me and how it can help you reach your dreams in the upcoming 2021

NB! Each of us in a different situation and has different abilities/opportunities, it is just my experiment of 2020 and I hope that you can find it useful✌

Today’s story is structured in the following way:

  • The trigger that pushed me to pursue a dream (not a fantasy)
  • What’s the difference between a dream and a fantasy
  • How I broke down dreams into a subset of goals
  • Example of my typical day
  • Results

Hej folks!

I am a person who always dreamed about building big things. That one day an idea will pop up in my mind and I will become a millionaire.

Nowadays, especially in the IT world, such dreams can indeed come true, but is your dream real?

Let’s dive into my personal journey so I can share 5 key learnings that I have discovered so far.

Short story

At Sensivo, we constantly try to improve our work, work methods, and work surroundings. Today I will share the top 10 hacks/tools that we use every day. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Be organized

Are you looking for a component that can make input numbers great again👏

How it looks like

Let’s get started. For reach this behavior we will create 1 directive and component in Angular 2+. Working DEMO at stackblitz


import { Component, EventEmitter, Input, OnInit, Output } from '@angular/core';@Component({selector: 'app-edit-input',templateUrl: './edit-input.component.html',styleUrls: ['./edit-input.component.scss'],})export class EditInputComponent implements OnInit {@Input() data: number;@Output() focusOut: EventEmitter<number> = new EventEmitter<number>();currency = '$';editMode = false;constructor() {}ngOnInit() {}onFocusOut() {this.focusOut.emit(this.data);}}

Logic is pretty simple, we have input data for form an output event that emitted than user…

Sometimes each developer faced a challenge to how to set up push notification for his app. In this article, we will talk about how to do this with Angular 6.1 application wrapped with Cordova and by using Laravel backend with firebase cloud messaging. This implementation only for Android but should work for IOS as well with an additional effort which is not covered in this article.

As a result, we can send test HTTP request to our backend via Postman and see the push-notification and email only for a specific user

Aleksandr Skobeltcyn

I am writing about my entrepreneurial journey as a full-stack developer and co-founder at Sensivo.eu. https://skob.io/

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