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1. Key learning about Flutter

Let’s dive into my experiment of 2020,
where it’s brought me and how it can help you reach your dreams in the upcoming 2021

Today’s story is structured in the following way:

Short story

1. Be organized

How it looks like
import { Component, EventEmitter, Input, OnInit, Output } from '@angular/core';@Component({selector: 'app-edit-input',templateUrl: './edit-input.component.html',styleUrls: ['./edit-input.component.scss'],})export class EditInputComponent implements OnInit {@Input() data: number;@Output() focusOut: EventEmitter<number> = new EventEmitter<number>();currency = '$';editMode = false;constructor() {}ngOnInit() {}onFocusOut() {this.focusOut.emit(;}}

Aleksandr Skobeltcyn

I am writing about my entrepreneurial journey as a full-stack developer and co-founder at

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